1. Integrity (Discerning truth from facts)

  2. Discipline (Observe Discipline)

  3. Take Responsibility (Achieving goals starts with the self)

  4. Passion (Dedicated)

  5. Respect (Respect is Mutual)

  6. Quality (Improve everyday)

  7. Creative (Inspire Creativity, Passion, Optimism & Fun)


Our mission is to let people explore the world on 2 wheels. We believe that cycling can make our society happier and healthier; cities smarter and more environmentally-friendly.

JBS Bike was established in the year 2000. For 20 years through word-of-mouth, our customers have continuously commended our excellent customer service. As a business, Our focus is on bicycle retail and services. Strategically located in Putrajaya and Kuantan, We offer an array of bicycles which include ordinary bicycles, Foldable Bicycles, Sports Bicycles, Electrical Bicycles and Kids' Bicycles. We also offer bicycle maintenance, Repair, Services and the parts and accessories that come with it.

Bicycles, As a mode of transportation have left a lasting impact on humans in the context of culture and industry. It is fast being recognized as a great form of exercise and carbon-free mode of transportation. As such, it has become indispensable to health enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

JBS bike, In line with our values are optimistic that it is possible to not only conserve our environment but also to nurture an environmentally conscious community for the sake of future generations.


No 10, Jalan Diplomatik , Presint 15, 62050 Putrajaya , Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Contact: 03 8328 5746 / +6012 908 6530

No 4J, 4K & 4L, Jalan Besar,
25000 Kuantan


Contact: +6011 1290 3336 /+6013 980 3366